May 9, 2011


Every client is different. With this in mind, we do pricing estimates as formal proposals valid for 30 days from time of submission. We listen to your requirements, do required analysis and submit to you a written proposal outlining what services we will perform, the fixed and recurring costs, and billing schedule.

Because every client is different, we begin with three main types of accounts:

Business Accounts

Developer Accounts

Personal Accounts

We charge a yearly fixed rate for hosting. We have separate charges for site certificates, fixed IP addresses, and bulk mailing services. We will be glad to furnish you a quote over the phone. 270 681-0050 anytime.

If you only require hosting, we can do that. If you only require installation or design services, we can do that as well. We are extremely flexible. If you only need advice, call us. 270 681-0050 anytime.

If you establish a site with us, and you cancel in the middle of a hosting year, all costs are prorated. We release any domain names registered in your behalf back to you. We copy out the site, and mail it to you on CD or DVD. After all, it’s yours.

If you are an existing customer:

Refer a friend or business associate.  If they sign up with Armored Planet, you will receive $100.00 off your next year’s hosting, or any other future cost of your choosing.

If you are a non-profit:

Call us about our discounts for companies that operate in the public interest for the public good.