May 9, 2011


Our Mission: To provide high quality, reliable, secure web hosting and professional site design services to small businesses.

Armored Planet is a small web hosting company which has serviced small business information technology requirements since 1998. Since that time, Armored Planet has provided services for every type of client with every type of requirement. Our company is a member of the Better Business Bureau, and our staff hold multiple industry certifications.

Really? Yes really. I began building web sites in 1996, the same year we went to the moon. Not the USA, I mean me and another guy. But that’s another story. Anyway, around the year 2000 I saw that Web Design firms would charge thousands of dollars for not much web work on a really flaky server. Rates for building a site started at about $85.00 an hour. Who could afford that? IBM maybe. A lot of businesses just could not justify the high cost of a web site. And small business owners just laughed. To make it worse, the technology was rudimentary.  My son made a website and got a Junior award from the HTML Guild. He was 12. And it was a pretty good site. He didn’t get $85 an hour. Maybe he should have.

Since at the time I had a day job, it was easy to offer affordable websites. And that’s how it is now. Affordable web sites.

Our Specialties:

Provide reliable web hosting at affordable prices.

Provide secure Ecommerce shopping cart solutions.

Provide professional design services for creating effective websites.

Provide consultation services for clients desiring to get on the web, connect to social media or conduct Ecommerce operations.

Provide IT Consulting services on request.

Keep our clients satisfied.